Coban Sewu Waterfall

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This beautiful waterfall situated between Malang and Lumajang districts. There are two entrances that you can choose, through Malang or Lumajang. We’ll enter Coban Sewu from Malang side and we’ll end our tour at Lumajang, so we wouldn’t miss anything from our visit.

We’ll starts through Salak tree Plantation for a few meters before you get to the a clear path area showing off the top view of Coban Sewu waterfall.

At the same space you can also see a platform built by the local for a better photography angle or simply hang out and enjoy the view. this waterfall falls between cliffs in a circular shape, everything looks spectacular. What’s more, if you’re lucky, you can also see a rainbow under the cliff. (Un)fortunately, the beauty of this breathtaking waterfall is not widely known among tourists.

At the corner of the platform is where the beginning of the first sets of steep bamboo ladder, the way down 130 meters to the bottom of the waterfall. Some of the ladder are now improved and replaced with metal ladder for better stability, but not less challenging, the ladders are slippery and some sets of the ladder are placed at 90 degrees from the ground. The use of flip flop and normal sneakers are not recommended.

From the first few steps the feeling of adventure begun, you’re climbing down the cliff, on your right is the huge waterfall. And your mission is to get to the base of the waterfall. You can hear the soundtrack of Indiana Jones theme playing in your ear.

Once we reach the bottom of the waterfall, we’ll follow the path seen going against the river flow. For the best view from the bottom of Coban Sewu, we’ll need to cross the river, the water is only ankle to calves deep, still be very careful since the water can be strong.

The mist that’s blown by the wind making a wonderful layer of glitter above you and the fresh mist that hits your face will give you the sense of calmness and satisfaction.

On our way back we’ll follow the path passing by Goa Tetes, before climbing up to Lumajang exit. Where you’ll get to see Coban Sewu from a different angle.

The impressive view from the top of the Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, the challenging journey to its base via sets of steep ladders, and the surrounding scenery make a perfect combo of another adventure and sightseeing that will blow you away.