Weekuri Lagoon

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The name ”Weekuri” comes from Sumba language which mean ”water splash”. Just how the lagoon is created. The constant strong crashing sea from the wide open Indian ocean just on the other side of the craggy wall, went through, flood it and formed the amazing salt water lagoon. Hence, the lagoon is also known as ”The Salt Lake”.

Weekuri lagoon depth can go between 30 cm to approximately 2.5 meters, and on high tide it can go to 5 meters deep. This tidal lagoon is pretty with every hue of blue, sandy ground, crystal clear and cool refreshing water makes it perfect for swimming. The reality of this lagoon far outshine any photos.

Even tho, the facilities are still very limited here, which only a small gazebo, jumping deck and restroom for visitor. The area has been built quite well, with the platform path for you to walk around the lagoon and have the best view on the rocky cliff that separates the lagoon and the wide open ocean. Enjoy the view of the entire lagoon on one side and the strong waves crashing on the other.

The journey to this hideaway will take between 1 hour and 25 minutes to 2 hours drive from Tambolaka city. Once you reach Weekuri Lagoon, you’ll hardly want to leave. It makes Weekuri Lagoon one of the reason to visit Sumba.