Tanggedu Waterfall

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Also known as The Grand Canyon of West Sumba. 46 kilometers, 2 hours drive from Waingapu City. The challenging road condition gives the sense of adventure. Bumpy, up and down the savannah hills trough a couple of small villages. In return, it’s all paid by the senic and breath taking view along the way.

Depending on the season of your visit, Sumba landscape can change between dry savannah or green land. Regardless which season you choose to visit Sumba, this pure land will serve you with it’s beauty.

The journey to Tanggedu waterfall continues with another hour walk. Walking to the wide open land / savanah. If your visit happened to be on the dry season, the heat could makes the walk a little difficult. Do wear sunscreen and bring something to cover your head from the heat.

You’ll find a wooden signboard welcoming you to Tanggedu Waterfall. From this point you’ll still have to walk for few more minutes, slowly going downhill to the river.

When you finally arrive, you’ll be rewarded with the increadible view, the walls of time-layered limestone cliff and the sound of gushing water. Tourquise blue water and almost white cliff under the open blue sky. You’ll be blown away.

Even though the waterfall is only 8 meters tall, when the water level is high, the current could be strong. It could be fine for a strong swimmer to swim at the pool under the waterfall. But if you’re not, climb up to the top of the waterfall. You’ll see the path on the left side of the waterfall. There, you’ll find a few pools with different depth. Enjoy the freshness at your own cold ‘jacuzzi’.

Everything that awaits at Tanggedu waterfall, make it worth the journey.